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With the popularization of Stained Glass getting larger, in the past several years, the numbers of amateurs and professionals in the Stained Glass field have been increasing. More convenient and easier tools have been produced by various people's ideas and efforts. Also, the quality of the Stained Glass material has been improving as well. As an example the tool which cuts glass, the diamond cutter was mainly used till the oil cutter appeared on the scene. The oil cutter is like part of my body for I have used it so much. So, I will really miss it when the day comes and it will no longer be used.@
Some new tools (for example, "score-1", "mosaic cutter", "glass grinder", "ring saw", etc.) have made even beginners, who face their first difficulty "glass-cutting", easier by good use of these tools.

In fact,a 6 year old-girl could make a pendant by cutting various pieces of glass using "score-1" and "a glass grinder". It's also became possible for seniors to cut glass more easily by using these new tools as well. In the near future, more people will be enjoying the world filled with beautiful light, color, and art.

October, 1997

E Stained Glass Association of America, member (SGAA)
E Association of Stained Glass Lamp Artists, member (ASGLA)

Gary Nakamura
Teaching Professional

bIntroductionbThe Student ReruitmentbClassroom Introductionb